Don't Be a Jackass: Observe Others, Own Yourself and Wise the F*ck Up - Dana Gore

Don't Be a Jackass: Observe Others, Own Yourself and Wise the F*ck Up

By Dana Gore

  • Release Date: 2020-01-24
  • Genre: Philosophy
  • Size: 136.94 KB

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Have you looked at society at times and thought, ‘Damn, what a bunch of jackasses’?
Don’t you just wish these fools would grow up already?
The fact is, it’s easy for us to judge everyone else. But what if you’re part of the problem?
What if YOU’RE the jackass???
The truth is, most people don’t see themselves that way. Yet, while many of us act like one from time to time, the trick is spotting the signs and doing something about it.
In Don’t Be a Jackass (Observe Others, Own Yourself and Wise the F*ck Up), we look at who we are and why we do the things we do. We talk about things like:
~What makes someone a jackass
~Observing others and owning yourself
~Wising the f*ck up
~Doing no harm (but taking no shit)
~Facing your shadows
Assuming personal responsibility is tough, but rewarding. It takes courage, care and the desire to stop blaming everything and everyone else for your problems.
Stop being everyone’s victim and become a master!
Identify the jackass in you and you’ll be in a position to deal with others more intelligently.

***This book contains profanity.***
For the faint of heart, highly sensitive, or politically correct, this work of art may not be for you.
However, if you can keep an open mind and not let the language distract and deter you, then you’ll get a strong and powerful (but lighthearted) message out of this book.